Any Qualified Provider

What is Any Qualified Provider (AQP)?

The Any Qualified Provider Programme (AQP) aims to give patients more choice as to where they receive select healthcare services. Initially, three service areas have been identified in Cannock and Stafford for AQP (see below). The aim of the AQP is to offer patient's choice from a list of providers based on their own preference and the reputation of the provider offering the service. There is no competition on price, as all services will receive a standard tariff for provision against an agreed service specification.

All providers offering AQP services have gone through an assessment process in order to become an accredited AQP provider, ensuring that all providers meet pre-defined quality standards.

Which services have gone out to AQP across Cannock and Stafford?

document Non Obstetric Ultrasound (2.56 MB)  - The service specification includes a local, direct access non-obstetric ultrasound service with staff qualified to appropriate levels of skill and experience.

pdf Adult Hearing (18+) (282 KB)  - The service is a community based, direct access adult hearing assessment service, including hearing aid fitting (where required), follow-up and aftercare services for adults aged 18 or over, with suspected or diagnosed hearing loss for the registered population of Staffordshire.

pdf Nail Surgery (290 KB)  - For patients with low or no medical risk is to be commissioned via the AQP.

document Vasectomy (358 KB)  - For patients considering a vasectomy

Referral forms for GPs

pdf Adult Hearing referral form (282 KB)
document Non Obstetric Ultrasound referral form (43 KB)
document Podiatry referral form (73 KB)

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